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Public Image Survey

This_is_rotary.jpgYour national Public Image coordinators need your help, as club presidents and AG's in D9940, to make Rotary in New Zealand more visible.

As well as completing the survey yourself please send this link out to ALL club members to complete. Public image survey

It's a quick survey, be honest in your responses and remember we are District 9940.
You might like to copy and paste the detail below in your email to your members.
We need to know just how important EVERYONE in this District finds our Rotary Public Imagining and Branding initiatives and whether they have noticed what has been changing.

Rotary has been changing.

  • We're telling our story.
  • We're asking others to join us and share their ideas
  • We're showing the rest of the South Pacific that we do take action.

We'd like to see opinions about club websites (if you have one), our district website and the Rotary International website. There's also a couple of questions regarding the recent national marketing campaign.

If you've never done a computer survey before, get in and have a go! You can't damage anything and you might find it a bit of fun. Please click on this link or if that doesn't activate the survey, copy and paste the link into the address bar of your browser.

We expect to have results out to you before December even though we may well be using them prior to this.

Thank you for your help!